Shahin Brick Factory, with a principal place of business at Kilometer 7, Isfahan-Dowlat Abad Road (Dowlat Abad Industrial region), was established in 1976. In 1984, the factory continued the activity with a registration number of 3877 (private joint stock company) in Isfahan as Shahin Brick Company.
In 2001, having purchased all of the stock, the new owners of the company reconstructed and modernized the factory.
Today, Shahin Brick Company feels honored to inform the respectful consumers that after years of research, study, changing the organizational structure, together with enjoyment from an experienced personnel as well as equipping the laboratory and establishing R&D and quality control, it has managed to manufacture, for the first time in Iran, various types of brick including facing bricks, plaque bricks, firebricks, shale bricks, and paving bricks in various sizes and colors using the extrusion method based on the latest standards of ASTM and BS.
Moreover, various types of standard masonry bricks in different sizes and colors is among the products of the company.
The company's management warmly and sincerely appreciates dear customers who have always encouraged the personnel, and have helped the company to manufacture new and high quality products with their opinions and guidance.

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